Vedic Schools


Boys are sent early to a Vedic school and are made to go through an almost ritualistic process of taking up their lessons. Known as Gurukul—or a school where a learned Guru--or Master-- takes responsibility and counts everything for the students—these are schools dedicated towards the learning of Sanskrit and then the Vedas. Beside this, they are taught every other subject a kid needs to know, and in time are made suitable for  confrontation with a broader world. Some of them stay at the school even for 10-12 years and go for a greater grasp of the Vedas. Whether the stint is short or long, a boy usually comes out with a different, agnostic outlook and takes the world more confidently. Beside keeping alive a great language and the greatest work of poetry, the Vedic schools teach the students the value of living simply, living with a rigorous sense of pride, and living bereft of any communalism. The Vedas dealt with more relevant reality and the students learn the process of looking beyond the surface.