Stripping Boys—Holi at Daoji Temple


India is reliving Lord Krishna’s time for ever. He probably is the only Indian God who has his social bearing still stationary today. Krishna epitomizes everything in Indian society—He is the Ruler, the Lover, and the Equalizer. Indian poetry and painting spent its very best for Lord Krishna simply because of his still belonging to the people. His relations as was depicted in Indian epics are still enacted in many forms. One such act is the Holi at Daoji temple, near Mathura. There a temple is dedicated to Daoji—or Balaram—believed to be the brother of Krishna. On the day of Holi, men gather at that temple complex to play Balaram. They stand clustered around the centre of the temple courtyard and ladies literally gather in mass around them. All these ladies from near and far act Radha—Lord Krishna’s consort. Because of a very complex reasoning dominant in Indian family structure, a lady has the right to torment her husband’s younger brother. And the Radhas at that temple just do that. They take on the men, tear off their shirts, beat them up thoroughly with clothes dipped in color, and as per the ritual the heavy men just surrender. From every corner of the temple roof sacks full of ‘gulal’ (colored powder) are emptied on the almost erotic fiasco taking place, and colored water is discharged as if through water canons.