Exiled Kingdom-- Tibetan Refugee Camps



After their land far into Tibet was taken over by the Chinese, they simply accompanied the 14th Dalai Lama into India. Under Pandit Nehru the process of rehabilitation gathered pace and several thousands of these Tibetan guests found home in Indian landscape. Around Kushalnagar, in Krrnataka, and Chandragiri, in Odisha,and in Moinpat, in Chattisgarh-- acres and acres of jungle were made arable and distributed to these people who were not much conversant even with the color green. They were then made to settle there in many camps (still known by numbers). Time eventually turned the nomadic believers into farmers.


Kept always only among themselves they speak the same old Tibetan, dress in theatrical robes, wear beads as ear-rings. The bikes of the newer kids add a little movement to the relentless flow into past. But, even to them, memory remains the only reality.